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About the tour

Plovdiv Tours offers walking tours that start at the Central Post Station (near the symbolic Hotel Trimontsium) and finishes at Unification Square (Plostad Suedinenie).

During the tour you will visit the main attractions in the city centre area and will see walls and forts built by the Romans thousands of years ago,you will explore some of the most authentic and interesting `revival period` Bulgarian houses, you will see the stunning architectural mixture of ” turn of the century”,  ”socialist realism” and modern houses. You will have the chance to learn about the ancient history of the city where the mysterious tribe of the Tracks lived, you will discover why Plovdiv was the favorite place of many famous Bulgarian poets and writers and why it is called the `City of the Arists`and you will learn about the important role the city and its proud residents played in the liberation of Bulgaria and its unification in 1885.

Out guides would be more than happy to share interesting stories about Bulgarian culture, traditions, holidays and customs, to give you tips and advice about  where to eat, stay etc and as a whole make your stay in Bulgaria a memorable and enjoyable experience.




About the team 

Plovdiv Tour is a child of labor and love. Started by locals in 2012 it is dedicated to promoting Plovdiv`s unique history and culture. Our mission is to provide affordable and interesting tours full of historical facts and amusing stories about the modern day life of Bulgarians.


Our regular guides are young people who have lived in Plovdiv all their life. They are trained to assist you,

answer all your questions and generally show you a good time in their beautiful hometown.



          Konstantine                                                                                          Elena

Tina is the newest addition to the PlovdivTours team, she studies photography and graphic design in Old Town Plovdiv.In her free time she likes to take pictures and explore the hidden

and secret places around the 6 000 year old city… why dont you let her show you around?

The everyday tours are in English.

For German, Russian or Turkish reservations for the tour must be made at least a week in advance.

To schedule a private tour, please contact us on facebook or email us .