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What does the tour include? Where does it start ? What will we see?

Plovdiv Tours offers walking tours that start at the Central Post Station (near the symbolic Hotel Trimontsium) and finishes at Unification Square (Plostad Suedinenie).

During the tour you will visit the main attractions in the city centre area and will see walls and forts built by the Romans thousands of years ago,you will explore some of the most authentic and interesting `revival period` Bulgarian houses, you will see the stunning architectural mixture of “ turn of the century“,  „socialist realism“ and modern houses.

You will have the chance to learn about the ancient history of the city where the mysterious tribe of the Tracks lived, you will discover why Plovdiv was the favorite place of many famous Bulgarian poets and writers and why it is called the `City of the Arists`and you will learn about the important role the city and its proud residents played in the liberation of Bulgaria and its unification in 1885.

Out guides would be more than happy to share interesting stories about Bulgarian culture, traditions, holidays and customs, to give you tips and advice about  where to eat, stay etc and as a whole make your stay in Bulgaria a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The everyday tours are in English.

For German, Russian or Turkish reservations for the tour must be made at least a week in advance.


Friendly Asked Questions

1 What should I bring on the tour?

Always bring :

Weather-appropriate clothing (why not check what the weather will be in Plovdiv on your chosen date in )

 Comfortable footwear – it is advisable not to wear heels, even if they are not very high because the streets of Plovdiv Old town can be a bit of a challenge.

A light jacket or a sweatshirt.


 A camera – there would be plenty of photo opportunities

In Summertime 

1 Hat and\or Sun glasses

2 Water bottle (you can buy one during the tour or you can refill your own a several places)

3 Sun cream

In wintertime

1 Gloves\Scarf

2 Warm Jacket

3 Waterproof warm shoes



2 What if the weather is bad?

Our tour guides are professionals and the tour can be held rain or shine, however if you are worried about the weather please contact us and we would help you reschedule the tour for a sunnier day.


3 Can I take my children with me? Is there an age limit?

Children of any age are welcome, however young children might find the tour too tiring and we think that the tour is most suitable for children ages 10+.


4.How far do we walk?

We walk for about 2 km in a slow pace allowing you to take photos and enjoy the tour.


5. Do we end up where we started off?

No, the tour starts in front of the Post Office (Postata) and ends at Union square (Plostad Suedinenie) unless you book a private tour.


6. How do I get to the meeting point from my hotel\hostel?

You could use a taxi or public transport (buses run on schedule in Plovidv). If you e-mail us we would love to help you with your arrangements- give you directions or recommend you a good taxi company.


7. How do I get from Unification Square ( end point of the tour) back to my hotel?

Feel free to ask our guide to order a taxi for you if you are worried that you might catch a taxi that overcharges foreigners


8. Is there a toilet break?

There is no official toilet break, however you can use the toilet in the Museums or our guide can help you find   the closest toilet and then to rejoin the tour.


9. Is it difficult to hear the guide?

No, you can always stand near him\her and ask questions.



10. Can I pay in the shops with credit card or traveler checques?

You can in some shops, however it is better to have cash and please keep in mind that most shops accept only Bulgarian leva.


11. What souvenirs should I buy from Plovdiv?

Bulgaria is famous for its products made from Rose oil so Rose oil products are a good (cheap and pretty too) souvenirs.

2 3

There are a lot of small souvenir shops in OldTown, where you can buy postcards, pots, maps, fridge magnets and other traditional Bulgarian items.



Also during the visit of BakalovaArtGallery you would be able to buy hand made ceramics, bead bracelets, traditional Bulgarian costumes, table cloths etc.


12. Is Plovdiv safe?

Yes, it is, however like most metropolises pickpockets are an existing threat and our guides will remind you throughout the tour to mind you personal belongings.


13. Should I give change to beggars if we see any?

That is your choice, fortunately there are few beggars in the center of Povdiv, and they seldom approach tourists.


14. How do I contact you?

We`d love to hear from you so please contact us by filling the form on or better yet write to us on facebook and we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.


15. What if I want to cancel my tour?

Again, please write to us using   or . We will do our best to reschedule.


16. I don’t have a lot of time but I still want to go on tour ?

No problem! You can join us for just a part of the tour or contact us so that we could make a private tour or some other solution.

17. How can I exchange my money in Plovdiv so that I can shop?

You can see the exchange rate in this website . There are plenty of safe banks and places where you can exchange your currency.

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