5 Restaurants in Plovdiv city centre worth visiting

5. Are you travelling on a low budget? Would you like to try a lot of traditional Bulgarian dishes without spending a lot of money?

Why dont you try the take away in „Hranitelen centur Viteks 90“

In the middle of main street it has a wide array of high quality take away food – you can buy a small quantity of a lot of different foods and try them all!

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4 Happy

A favourite place of many Bulgarians, Happy offers international cuisine in a fun and colorful setting.

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Keep in mind that on Friday and Saturday nights you will probably need a reservation.


3 Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Verdi

Verdi is one of the largest pizza chain restaurants in Plovdiv offering international and Italian cuisine.  You can also order take away from their website.




2  Unico

Unico is an excellent Italian restaurant near the Main walking street of Plovdiv. It offers a wide array of Italian dishes and great service at reasonable prices.


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1 Dayana – one of the most popular Bulgarian cuisine restaurants  in Plovdiv. In recent years the Dayana has become a successful chain of restaurants and there are three Dayanas near the city center.

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You can check out the menu here .

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