Hristo Stoychkov – a beloved Bulgarian football player

Stoichkov is probably one of the best football players in the world.
He is known all over the world for his unique style.He became a sensation with FC Barcelona and eventually one of their most legendary players.

There are many documentaries that will show you how great he was as a player, but we want to show you the character that made him one of the best football players who ever lived.

Hristo Stoyichkov
To be a great leader you have to know where you started from. Besides being one of the best,  Stoichkov never passed an invitation
to play for the Bulgarian national team. That gave him one of the best moments in his career:

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Bulgarian Beauty through the ages – part one

mis-Balgaria-miss-Bulgaria-pobeditelki-titla-korona-za (1)



In  our short article we have tried to make a list of the last Miss Bulgaria winners. That turned up to be surprisingly challenging.Why? Well, first off there isnt just one Miss Bulgaria contest, there are a couple and they all say that they are the original, legal Miss Bulgaria.


The problem with establishing just one , original and legal contest is bigger than it seems at first .The current situation now creates loopholes – foreign and international Miss Universe, Mrs World and other contests cannot make the difference between a small, unofficial beauty pageant and an official one.  This creates unpleasant situations where people no one has ever heard of turn up to be `winners ` of beauty pageants.

Like her …

with photoshop …


Anita_Geleva_Mrs_Bulgaria_2014_04 Продължете да четете Bulgarian Beauty through the ages – part one

Six traditional Bulgarian dishes you must try !


6 Cheverme

Cheverme is a traditional Bulgarian meal made especially for celebrations. It is basically a whole lamb impaled on a stick and roasted for about five- six hours. The way it is cooked makes it unique and very delicious.

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5 Restaurants in Plovdiv city centre worth visiting

5. Are you travelling on a low budget? Would you like to try a lot of traditional Bulgarian dishes without spending a lot of money?

Why dont you try the take away in „Hranitelen centur Viteks 90“

In the middle of main street it has a wide array of high quality take away food – you can buy a small quantity of a lot of different foods and try them all!

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Plovdiv reveals the biggest early Christian basilica on the Balkan Peninsula

The biggest early Christian basilica on the Balkan Peninsula – the Great Basilica in Plovdiv will be included in the sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria, announced the hosts of the VII-th International Meeting on Tourism, which opened today in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv sights

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Cinemania festival comes to Plovdiv!

From 19th of November till the 29th, 2015 in „LUCKY Cinema“ will be held 10th Anniversary Edition at Cinemania!


During the 11 days of the festival in Plovdiv will be held 44 projections, which is a record number for the Festival. For the first time Cinemania will be held in two halls of the  `LUCKY` cinema.The new Woody Allen film and Mikhalkov of the highlights of the 2015 Cinemania festival.


CINEMANIA 2015 has serious claims to become the most powerful edition in the long history of the famous festival. The program includes 32 titles, including some of the most significant achievements of contemporary world cinema. In extremely strong selection of recent films are cult directors Woody Allen („Almost Normal“) and Nikita Mikhalkov („Sunstroke“).In the list of exclusive screenings are the 4 latest Bulgarian titles. Among them is the winner of the grand prize of the festival in Moscow „Karatsi“ Ivaylo Hristov, who will be a special guest in Plovdiv.


The youngest viewers will also become part of the festival with a special selection of children’s movies.


Ticket sales will begin on Friday, November 13th at the checkout of LUCKY Cinema House from Friday 13th. Working time frame: from 16:30 to 21:00 / Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 to 21:00.
Online reservations and ticketing –
Ticket price: 6 lev Map 5 screenings: 25 lev
Prices for children’s movies: 2lv for children 4 lev for adults.

Wine tasting tour will be held in Plovdiv !

Museum Plovdiv

A celebration of this years wine crop will be held in Plovdiv on 27th november. This is the seventh time this event is held in Plovdiv .This year there will be more participants than previous years, and the program is extended. Tourists will have the opportunity to try young Bulgarian wines in more locations.The wine tour accross Plovdiv will include several restaurants and will offer various events.
The wine tasting will start in front of the local admLast years poster for the eventinistration with a procession led by Ensemble „Trakia“ and Dionysus, who will lead the „followers“ of the Old Town, where it will be open the first barrel of a young Bulgarian wine.

This is  a link to the facebook page of the event.

The 2015 program of the event will be posted on this blog.



Photo from a past celebration


The mayor of Plovdiv during the wine testing

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