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Interesting information about the oldest city in Europe – Plovdiv. If you want to learn more you can visit our guided tours of the city.

Hey Indiana Jones, maybe you should come to Plovdiv!


Plovdiv is not just an old city, its a really really old city – people started living in the theritory of modern day plovdiv 6 000 years before christ!
So its not so surprising that just last week archeologists found a real `city of bones`
More than 33 skeletons were found and 130 coins that are being studied right now in order to date the bodies.
Some of the coins are Roman, others date to the 17 or 18 century and others are unlike any other coin that has been discovered before.
This is unusual becauase it was common for the family of the deceased to put coins on the eyes of the dead,
thus giving them money to pay for the passage in to the underworld. However in this case the relatives
apparently threw the coins into the open graves and this would explain why there are so many.
It is believed that this necropolis is Christian because the heads point to the west and the feet point to the east which was the Christian tradition in those days

Продължете да четете Hey Indiana Jones, maybe you should come to Plovdiv!

Fried bread

 Fried bread  is one of the most beloved afternoon snacks for Bulgarian and children!

Fried bread

To make it you need:

several slices bread (5 or 6 slices is a good start, but they are so yummy you`ll soon be making more!)

2 eggs three or four tsp of milk

oil to fry the slices in

the recipe is really easy- you mix the eggs and the milk and you stir them. When the mixture if homogeneous you dip slices bread in it. Then you put the bread slices in a pan and fry them on both sides until they look golden in color! They can be served with honey, jem,cheese, yellow cheese or sausage!

serving ideas
serving ideas


Academic Ivan Geshov

Akademic Ivan Evstratiev Geshov is another famous Bulgarian politician born in Plovdiv. He is a very  debatable figure in our history-  some even call „The Bulgarian Faust. He was one of the most educated men of his time ( akademik in Bulgarian university system is a higher rank than professor). His first political action was in 1877, during the bloody suppressing of the uprising of bulgarians by the Ottoman empire.

He used his connections in Britain  and „Times“ posted 7 of his materials about the violence of the turkish soldiers. As a result of many factors (mostly the public opinion in the Great powers-  we have to mention not only Geshov contributed for this, but after all, his articles had huge impact over the renome of the Ottoman empire) Russia declare war against the turks and the won liberating Bulgaria in 1878 . As soon as he was out of the turkish prison for his articles, he became vital part of our political picture by this time. He was 3 times minister in 3 different Bulgarian governments, he continued his work as a journalist ( he was the creator of the biggest and most popular even now newspaper for Plovdiv- „Maritca“), he created Bulgarian Red Cross organization and Bulgarian academy of science! In 1897 Geshov took 25 % of the bequest of one of the biggest philantropists in our history- Evlogi Georgiev, making him… the new richest man in Bulgaria. He used many of this money to continue the work of Georgiev, helping talanted people, Bulgarian Red Cross, building schools and so on. The reason why he is knows as „the Bulgarian Faust“ is because of his actions when he became everything a politician can possibly want- he was educated, smart man, incredibly respected by Bulgarians, the wealthiest man in Bulgaria, possibly in top 5 of Balkan Peninsula and as a result in 1911 he became a Prime minister.  By this time everybody in the world knew there will be a war in our region soon.

So he decided to become alliy with Greece and Serbia with really bad agreement clauses- Bulgaria should fight alone against 70 % of the turkish armies alone and also Macedonia (  the small country that liberated itself from Yugoslavia in the 90`s) was supposed to be shared by the allies which was against Stefan Stambolov`s (former Prime minister) idea of waiting for the Great war and joining the forses of Britain and France (100 years from now we know for sure that that was a great idea).

He thought Great war will not come soon and the Bulgarians in Macedonia will be under turkish slavery many more years. So in 1912 he declared war against the Ottoman empire and he won, but here comes why he is known as „Bulgarian Faust“- after the war most of the Bulgarians that were under turkish slavery, became under greek and serbian ones- far more worse, because they started ethnic cleaning of the region as soon as they took their part of the deal. So he decided to declare second war against his allies and of course turks declare war against Bulgaria just to gain back some of the territories they have lost just months ago. Facing an enemy with 3.4-4 times bigger armies,attacking us from all sides, Geshov surrenders, losing most of the teritorries, he had won and making the situation for Bulgarians outside of Bulgaria even worse. During the two wars Bulgarians lost over 120 000 people, which is huge number for our 4 million population by this time. By the end of his life he donates millions of his money ( probably 30-45 million euro in todays money) to Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, Red Cross organization for actions in Macedonia and the other nonBulgarian parts of Bulgaria. He dies by the age of 75 as one of the biggest philantropists in our history,  successful  minister, father of Bulgarian science and…  such a faillure as a Prime minister that most of the good things he had done are not remembered .




Plovdiv Tours thanks Y.Ovcharov for the inspiring blog entry!


Zlatio Boyadjiev- a compilations of paintings

Zlatio Boyadjiev is one of the most famous bulgarian artists, and there is some speculation that he might be the most expensive one! Just a few months ago the Plovdiv City Gallery had an exhibition dedicated to him and we , the PlovdivTours team, think its high time we featured him in our blog!

PS : We pass right by his house on the tour!









An inspiring figure in Bulgarian history – doctor Konstantin Stoilov.

As many of you may know, Plovdiv is a city full of history and famous people.

We want to stop your attention on one particular person in bulgarian history, whose story is only mentioned in our tours because of lack of time- doctor Konstantin Stoilov.

The house of Doctor Konstantine Stoilov in Plovdiv.


In our tours we only pass by his house, but in our history he is real stepping stone. Born in Plovdiv, Stoilov studied at Robert College in Istanbul, before studying law at Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg to doctorate level. It is believed that he knew perfectly turkish, german, italian, french, russian and english and he is described as the most European-like politician in Bulgarian history. Stoilov was twice Prime Minister of Bulgaria (1894-1899). Between 1879-1885 he took different jobs in the government and the tsar`s administration. In 1885 he was a soldier in Bulgarian army in our war against Serbia and even won a Bravery medal.

Few years later he became vital part of Stefan Stambolov`s government- one of the masterminds in bulgarian new history. Stambolov was a genius man ( and we will be glad to tell you more about his inspiring story on our tours), but also really cruel one and in one point Stoilov could not stand anymore and resign. From this moment, they became rivals. Stoilov claimed Stambolov was a dictator, while Stambolov said Stoilov was too soft to be  a politician in Bulgaria. In 1894 Stoilov became a prime minister „dethroning“ Stambolov. Despite of his hate, he continued Stambolov economic politic and by the end of his mandate, Bulgaria was the richest country in the region. 

This blogpost is courtesy of Yasen Ovcharov.

Tarator – the strange but delightful Bulgarian cold soup


Traditional Bulgarian yogurt cold soup

Few things are so traditionally Bulgarian as Tarator. It is one of the most beloved and easy to make Bulgarian dishes.


Tarator1 long cucumber, chopped or grated (we prefer it peeled)
1 garlic clove, minced or smashed
4 cups yoghurt
1 cup water
1 teaspoon salt (we like it saltier)
1 tablespoon dill, finely chopped
4 big pecans, well crushed
3 teaspoons olive oil



Put all those together and mix well. When ready garnish with olive oil (or other favorite oil).
Best when chilled.

Hint: Try it with no dills and pecans – Bulgarian restaurants favorite.

About Tarator

Tarator is a cold summer soup made of yogurt and cucumbers. It is served chilled. Local variations may replace yogurt with water and vinegar, omit nuts or dill, or add bread. The cucumbers may on rare occasions be replaced with lettuce or carrots.

Bulgarian: таратор




A tarator popcikle :



If you add gelatine to your tarator you can get interesting results