Hristo Stoychkov – a beloved Bulgarian football player

Stoichkov is probably one of the best football players in the world.
He is known all over the world for his unique style.He became a sensation with FC Barcelona and eventually one of their most legendary players.

There are many documentaries that will show you how great he was as a player, but we want to show you the character that made him one of the best football players who ever lived.

Hristo Stoyichkov
To be a great leader you have to know where you started from. Besides being one of the best,  Stoichkov never passed an invitation
to play for the Bulgarian national team. That gave him one of the best moments in his career:

He had great respect for his teammates. He played with so much imagination and such a passion, but he always give the credits to his partners in the attack.
He was never ashamed of what he is, so he had no problem doing whatever he wanted.
Of course there were some disadvantages to his brutal honesty for
example the shameful moment when the whole world heard his ridiculous English

All in all his unique character made Stoichkov what he is- a world class football playerHristo Stoyichkov Barcelona
and a beloved Bulgarian hero.

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