Plovdiv reveals the biggest early Christian basilica on the Balkan Peninsula

The biggest early Christian basilica on the Balkan Peninsula – the Great Basilica in Plovdiv will be included in the sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria, announced the hosts of the VII-th International Meeting on Tourism, which opened today in Plovdiv.

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The preparation for this has already begun.

„Disclosure of the overall beauty of the great early Christian basilica and applying this tourist sight in the organization of world cultural and historical heritage – UNESCO – this is the main priority of the Municipality of Plovdiv for 2019,“ said Mayor Ivan Totev during the opening of the International Meeting on Tourism reported on the website of the Municipality of Plovdiv.



Photo from Foundation `America for Bulgaria`

Currently the basilica restoration is  worth 5 million Lev. The costs of additional activities, are estimated at about 4 million more.

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Great Basilica in Plovdiv is 300-400 years earlier than the one  in Pliska and bigger than her, maybe about 2000 square meters.

„This is one of the finest sites, the presence of a huge number of preserved mosaics, which has no analogue in Bulgaria and not only in Bulgaria,“ said the mayor, saying: „We have a historical obligation to the generations object to be discovered of 100% to visitors. “

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Great Basilica in Plovdiv was opened in 1982-1984 on the construction of the junction of Boulevard. „Maria Luisa“ to the Central Post Office. The site has been studied by Elena and Elena Kantareva Kesiakov who will be involved in future activities on restoration of the monument.

„The title of European Capital of Culture 2019 gave visibility to Plovdiv which we had never, and will give greater visibility to Bulgaria,“ said Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor for Culture, quoted by „Focus“. In this regard, currently in the city are reported 6% growth of tourists and 8% growth in overnight stays. The focus of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, should occur over 60 separate projects in the cultural, social and public sphere.


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