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Mrs Bulgaria goes to jail for killing her husband during BDSM sex

Varna Regional Court sentenced Anita Meyzer to 3 years in prison and a fine of 150 000 leva after she pleaded guilty for the murder of her husband.

Anita in a Bulgarian TV show

52-year-old former „Miss Bulgaria“ is accused of causing the death of her husband Nikolay Dimov, as well as the proposeing a bribe of 30,000 euros to a police officer. The family of the deceased demand that Anita Meyzer also be charged with murder and to pay them 300,000 leva as a fine.

Cable tie

According to the Anita Nikolay insisted that his legs, arms and neck be tied with cable ties to prove on camera that he had the power to free himself.

Anita and her husband- he was a professional bodybuilder and 14 years younger than her

However, the prosecution announced days ago that such a video was not found.

The 40-year-old bodybuilder died on August 14 this year. Tight cable ties were found on his neck . Nikolay had managed to break the cable ties on his hands but when he attempted to free his neck from them, he tightened the noose further, lost consciousness and died on the massage table where they were conducting the BDSM experiment.

Anita Mayzer is led by a Police officer

After the death of her husband, 52-year-old Anita Meyzer has taken various actions to try to prove that she was not guilty. She invented different versions of events and during the pre-trial changed the story several times. The night of the murder she managed to dispose of purchased earlier cable ties, which were supposedly bought for home renovation.

On the day of the accident a few hours after midnight Anita reported to a police station in Varna that her husband was dead. She offered money to the police officers asking them to not let the case get to the media. Before the police arrived she made up her first version of the story- that she went to the store and when she returned, she found her husband dead and tied with ropes on the massage table.

A lot of people protested the fact that she took part in the Mrs Universe contest

During questioning Anita changed several details about what happened. When she realized that he would be arrested, she offered a bribe to a police officer. Initially € 10,000, then – € 20,000 and last – € 30,000.

The trial of Anita Mazer had a lot of media interest because of the bad reputation she already had – In 2014 she attended the contest Mrs World as Mrs Bulgaria without being elected in a pageon in her home country. She payed her hotel, clothes and flight to the USA where the pageant was held without anyone in Bulgaria suspecting that there would be a Bulgarian contestant.

Anita and her husband

„The investigation into the death of Nicholas has major flaws,“ said at the beginning of the hearing, lawyer Tomov.
He revealed that when the corpse was found, there was a wound on the nose, torn cartilage, and hematomas.
„For me, this is not death by accident ,“ said theTomov.

He said that hours after the death of her husband, the former Miss Bulgaria had $ 1,200 and passport in her purse, which according to him definitely showed that she was thinking of leaveing for the United States to avoid trial- Mayzer has both Bulgarian and US citizenships.

When interviewed Anita said:

„I’m sorry for what happened, for 4 months I have been locked up and wondering how can this happened to me – I’m the cause of death of  the person I love most .He had some strange demands  and desiers that I – as his wife- had to satisfy. I’m very sorry that the night of his death I didnt call his mother and his sister, who perhaps would have believed me then, „said Anita Meyzer to the court.

Anita is well known of being provocative and scandalous and she even has a song `Sex Intrigue`

Cellomania had an amazing concert in Old Town, Plovdiv


The slovak ensemble „Cellomania“ closed the Festival of light and hope in Old Town last night.

Before the start of the concert in Balabanov House, the Ambassador of Slovakia Marian Yakubotsi, Consul of the country’s Roman Roth and Director of IA „Old Town“ Minko Kaftanski decorated a tree on Christmas tree with traditional Slovak Christmas toys.

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Balabanov House where the concert was held. It is in Old town Plovdiv Bulgaria

Famous Slovak cellists Joseph Podhoranski, Evgeni Prohats and Jan Slavik amazed Plovdivs audience with their virtuoso performance.

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Celebrating November the first in Bulgaria

On November the first  we celebrate the Day of National Leaders- not political ones, but leaders of the spirit. It is a day which has particular, exceptional, unique value for Bulgarians.

Image result for денят на будителите
Day of National Leaders starts to be celebrated in the difficult time of spiritual ruin and national despair after the failure in the First World War. The ideal of the Bulgarian Revival period was destroyed and our national values were at threat. At that time theleaders of Bulgaria decided to let history inspire and guide them. They seeked insiprational figures from the Bulgarian past.

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For the twelfth time Plovdiv holds its traditional „Night of museums and galleries.“

For the twelfth time Plovdiv holds its traditional „Night of museums and galleries.“

night of the museums
night of the museums

The event is held on two consecutive days – on 23 and 24 September (Friday and Saturday), and the program includes more than 140 exhibitions, concerts, tours, architectural sites, screenings, lectures, meetings with artists, parties and more.

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